Measuring Your Social Media and a KPI Cheat Sheet

It’s one thing to be on social media tweeting your heart out. It’s another to actually use social media for business. When you start doing that you must start measuring your social media activities and results. Below I have included KPIs for each of the big platforms.

Social Media KPI Cheat Sheet

Now, you have the KPIs for these platforms you can begin to set up your data story. Each of those KPIs are measured individually. So, on Facebook, you would break out Likes and look at what events, content, or connections garner you Likes. Generally, Likes can be considered a vanity metric but if you are organically growing your Facebook page they are a good indicator of what is working and what is not working. Do you get a spike in Likes when you do a festival? A speech? A webinar?


Steps for measuring your social media

Using KPIs you can also measure client attraction, revenue, sales cycle, increase in orders, and more but these require some advanced use of google analytics and really knowing your sales funnel.

What does brand awareness, also known as reach actually, do for your business? This is the first step to being Top of Mind for your ideal client. They have to know you exists before they can use your services or recommend you.  By having your ideal client Follow, Like , or Subscribe to you on social media they are furthering the relationship and want to learn more about you.

Now, if you have brand awareness why should you care about engagement? Engagement is the only way you will ever make raving fans out of your ideal clients. Tweet: Engagement is the only way you will ever make raving fans out of your ideal clients. via @where2start #socialmediaRaving fans are the ones that insists their best friends, families, and acquaintances use your service. It’s a sales force you don’t have to pay.

Measuring your social media is not easy. But it’s an important part of any social media plan. Even if you just start measuring one KPI you have to start somewhere.

What other platforms do you use? What are those KPIs?

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