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That’s me with my new pair of glasses which is a great illustration of what a brand refresh looks like.   It is not creating a new logo, new identity, or new anything else. It is merely updating what you currently have. you are not changing the core of your business you are just changing your glasses. If you’ve been in business for any length of time you know that what you offer and how you offer it changes.  In fact, if you think about your business 6 months ago and your business now,  how many things have you added and taken away? A brand refresh is a great way to give your brand identity a mini update and make sure you attracting the clients you want to.

A brand refresh is a great way to inject who you are now into the brand you have already built.


How to know if you need a brand refresh.

Have you been in business more than 3 years?

Chances are, how you started your business and where you are now are vastly different. That’s a great thing! When we start out business we have ideas about what we want and what we don’t want. When we’ve been working our businesses we get to test those ideas and reevaluate what we want.  Having a brand refresh now will allow the reality of your business to match the look and copy of your business.

Have you changed your business model?

Have you gone from 1-on-1 coaching to group coaching? Or maybe you’ve recently built in retainers instead of hourly offerings. Whatever choices you have made, when you make major changes to your business model you are making major changes to your brand. For example, if you are focusing more on group programs how you structure your offerings, your copy, and who you speak to will also change.

Have you refocused on a new ideal client?

Have you recently changed who you like to work with? Well, this is a perfect time to update your copy and spruce up your look.  A brand refresh will ensure that you are speaking to your new clients. and they can find themselves in your brand.

How to refresh your brand on social media.

Update your cover images

Whether you change the font, the image, or the Call to Action (CTA) updating your cover image is a must do. If you’ve had your cover image up for more than 3 months, chances are, it can use some updating to reflect what is important in your business now. This process can be as easy as changing your CTA.

Update your bios

You haven’t touched your bio since you set up your account. Fine tuning your bio is a great way to promote new project and attract different clients. This process can be as easy as adding a link to your new ebook.

Reevaluate groups you are a part of

You’ve racked up a tons of groups as you’ve rumbled along. It is time to pare it down and focus on the 2 or 3 groups that will have the greatest impact on your business NOW. The others you should either delete or keep around for a different marketing need.

A brand refresh does not have to happen over night. It can be little updates here and there throughout the month. The important thing is that you refresh your brand to give your audience something new to see.





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