Reviewing and Measuring your Social Media Success








You’ve taken the plunge and have been consistent with your social media presence. But the work does not stop there. The next step is to review and measure your social media so you can make on going adjustments to your overall strategy to increase your success. Below you will get a quick overview of questions you need to consider and processes you need to have in place to get a basic gauge of how successful your social media efforts are.


What happened in your social media?

This is the first step in the process. You are going to look at the numbers that happened as a result of your social media efforts. Which numbers matter you created when your first created your strategy. Take a quick look at how to do that here or creating your metrics here. You can use an excel document and enter in what your number were for each month. It is easiest to do this next to your target goals.

What did you want to happen in your social media?

Once you input your data about what actually happened you will compare it to what you wanted to happen on social media. The months where you hit your target – use that as a basis for your strategy moving forward. The months where you did not ask these three questions:
Where did I deviate from the plan? (This could be posting less or taking on unexpected engagements.)
When I deviated what happened to my overall strategy? It is important to understand the impact your actions have. For example, if you took on an unexpected vendor opportunity did you not have time to send out your monthly newsletter?
What can I put in place to prevent that from happening in the future. Sometimes it is as simple as saying “No” sometimes you have to create a team.

What is the gap between what you wanted to happen and what did?

On the months that you did not meet your goal and you followed your strategy what was missing? Did you less response from your newsletter? Did you forget about a major holiday? Maybe you didn’t include enough follow up. When assessing your plan take a look at the feedback that you received when people did respond and use that information to adjust your plan. For example, if you ran a promotion and a lot of the feedback you received was that people are “busy” and didn’t have time to take advantage of the offer – next time you run a promo that is similar to that address “busy” in your copy. Take a look at the image example below:

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Use the information you gather to make changes in your strategy to improve your results. This can be changing things such as the time you post or what types of promotions your run.

There are many things you can do to interpret the massive amount of information your analytics gives you however, if you answer these question you will be well on your way to pinpointing areas you can improve in your social media strategy.

If you want to take your review to the next level incorporate your google analytics. If you have questions about that or anything else you can email me here or leave me a voicemail by clicking the button on the left.

Evaluating the new kids on the block: Which new social media platform is best for your business?

5 questions you need to ask

How do you decide which new platform to use? If you’re like most people you either jump on anything that’s new or wait until your grandmother is on it to try it. That is not a good way to do business. This is the second part in a series that is meant to help you create your social media marketing strategy for 2016.

One of the hardest parts of reevaluating your strategy is deciding which platforms to add or even when to add new platforms. We are first going to talk about Periscope and Blab and then go over 3 questions you can ask yourself to decide if these, or any new social media platform, is right for you and your business. If you want a more in depth review jump to the blog post and get examples and 2 more questions you need to ask yourself.


Periscope is a live streaming app that happens on your phone. I say it is the internet come alive. The app started earlier this year and has exploded in popularity and usage.  You can find politicians, celebrities, small business owners, and pets using the app. If you have a perspective someone wants to hear it. The app only keeps the video for 24 hours, after that it’s gone. While you are streaming people can type in comments and give you “hearts” Hearts are a way to show appreciation, support or agreement for what the broadcaster is saying. There are a lot of ways to interact, gain a following, and share your brand. If you want to check out my channel you can see recent replays here.  If you have more questions about Periscope email me!


Blab is another live streaming app however, it is desktop based. You can have up to 3 other people on video and it has been used to launch talk shows, host conferences, create interactive classes and collaborate.This is another recent entrant into the social media space and has may early adopters. You can also record your Blabs to share later. While you are live people can join you from the audience (but you don’t have to let them), give “props”, and comment.  This highly interactive platform allows your audience to see your brand in action. If you have more questions about Blab email me!

The great thing about these two new apps is that if you determine it is a good fit for you it will be easier to get your brand out there because they are new. But make sure you have a strategy and a plan first.

5 Questions You Need To Ask!

Do I have the time?
Social media is a great way to build and stay connected to your audience. However, it is a cost first and then a benefit. It takes time to build a community that supports and buys from your business and it can’t be done with sporadic involvement. If you are already stretched thin do not add another platform.

Is my audience there?
While a new platform might be the hot new thing you have to ask the question is it the hot new thing for your audience? Snapchat is gaining by leaps and bounds but if your audience isn’t college age then you don’t need to be there. If you want to understand the demographics of social media platforms you can click here.

Why will I do this?
Even if you have the time and even if your audience is there it is still important to have a strategy. Knowing what metrics you are trying to impact with your participation in a platform will allows you to effectively use it. (If you haven’t ever created your social strategy click here.) Are you going for brand recognition? Newsletter sign ups? Customer care?


What resources do I need?

Each social platform has it’s own communication mode. Twitter uses words, Instagram pictures and YouTube Video. When you embark on a new social network it is important to also consider the amount of time it takes to create content for that network.  If you don’t have the resources for creating graphics or videos you  have to determine if that social network is right for you.


How will I implement and integrate?

Once you decide a social platform will benefit your business you then have to decide how you will make use of it. This includes how your brand is portrayed, how you will take care of your customers, what kind of news you will disseminate and more.  Each social media channel does not have to be a full system. You can handle customer care on Twitter, Information dissemination on Instagram, and Tutorials on YouTube. However, deciding what platform serves what purpose involves understanding how your community interacts with you on social media.

Once you have evaluated new social platforms and determine which would be the best to add to your marketing strategy we will go over reviewing and measuring 2015 in the next newsletter.

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