Trolls, Trolls, Trolls

Fun fact: ┬áthe definition of the word “troll” was first used in 90s when newsgroups were still widely in use.

I’ve heard many people don’t jump on Periscope or Twitter because they worry about the comments they would get. I can understand that – really. It’s no fun to have someone comment about you or a subject that you are really passionate about. But here’s the thing:










It’s true! Trolls are a training camp for awesomeness. (Read that in the monster truck rally voice)

You have the High jump where you soar over idiotic comments.



The javelin where your point hits home so well nothing can assail it.


Or the long distance run where you learn to leave stupidity in the dust.


The thing abut this camp is you can’t go if you don’t have trolls!

Why trolls exists

tl;dr (to make you better)

What’s great about the internet is that your brand will reach who can most be impacted by it. On the other side of that there are people who are there to tear it down. The great thing is that it is not about you. Seriously, whatever comment is made, it is not about you. They don’t know your light and they don’t know your commitment. What they do know is someone is doing amazing things and they can divert attention to themselves.

How to fight trolls

tl;dr (shine on)

Ignore them.

Would you try to have an argument with a zombie? Trolls have one purpose and that is to start an argument where you lose everything and they lose nothing.

What you can do to prevent trolls

tl;dr (nothing)

The only thing you can do to prevent trolls is not do what you came here to do. Not post on social media. Not share your offerings. Not make your business successful. My next question would then be why are you letting someone who looks like this:








affect your passion that looks like this:








Crazy right? Trolls are part of the internet and they will say and do nasty things. Your job is to shine on.