W2S Services

Thanks for considering me to work on your social media needs. Each plan is fit to each client and their goals.  The process I outline below is how I work with clients and what you can expect. If you have any questions let me know!

My process is short and simple.

We meet and talk about your business where I ask questions such as what are your objectives and USP.

We sign a contract.

I start work.

Recent and current projects

  • social media management (daily posting and engagement)
  • creating social media strategies
  • conducting social media training
  • guest speaking
  • updating social media practices

The long and short of it is…

Why me as your social media agency.

1. It is something I love

2. I spend the time to “get” your business so I can share your passion with others.

3. I love to research.

4. Did I mention I love doing this?

5. No matter what tech level you are I can make social media make sense.

6. I understand who it would benefit and who it would not.

7. I get results.

Set up a time to talk to me.