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My story starts out at the height of unemployment. I got out of school and literally applied to hundreds of agency jobs. I had an excel file that I used to keep track of them all and it was daunting. But alas, to no avail. I wasn’t getting very far. I had been doing some work on the side helping people with their marketing and sharing what I knew.

Mother: Why don’t you start a business?

Me: Eh?

You see, I thought having a business meant I had been in corporate for 20 years or at least had a PhD.  I really believed that I didn’t have enough to start my business.

Not enough contacts.

Not enough knowledge.

Not enough money.


Well, as you may know:

Mother knows what?








You see, what I didn’t understand then – and what I do understand now, is that everyone has something to provide. And you don’t need some outside entity to validate your knowledge and experience! So, I started my business.

And that’s where I got my second lesson.

I had a coach. One who said I might want to look into niching. Logically, I said NO. I was focusing on “marketing for small business” in general. Anything that remotely dealt with marketing – I did it. And I was being pulled in a million different directions. So I decided to take a chance and tell people that my focus was social media.

Well, it was hard. There was the constant feeling that I was leaving people out and leaving money on the table. That’s not true. Narrowing my focus has opened up a lot for me.  I’d love to say that the business took off and we’re making a million a month. That’s not the case. What has happened:

By focusing on one aspect of marketing it is easier for me to educate myself on my industry.

I know the trends, ebbs, and flows of social media and use that knowledge for my clients.

I’ve developed great partnerships with others who compliment my expertise.

I know what my clients’ needs are and how to solve them.

And this is where we are now. 5 years in business and a social media agency that listens to your needs, spoken and unspoken, to deliver the results that will rock your business. Let’s get together and talk.

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