Anytime I share, things happen in my business.

Do you notice how that happens?

You open your mouth about your business to a friend or stranger and they know someone or they have been looking for someone?

Well, that’s what social media is. Sharing your business with others such that they take action.  But what can social media actually do? Like really. What results can you expect from engaging in social media? I’m glad you asked.

But first, some myth busting……

You are not Coke, Apple, or even Volkswagen. The funny and cute things they do on social media serve a purpose but not the purpose you are trying to achieve in your business. The business that is not a multi-billion dollar business. The one that cares less about how many people like you and actually how many people buy from you. That business, your business, needs social media to drive measurable results.

Now, here’s what you can and can’t get from social media.


What social media can and can't do

That’s pretty much the nuts and bolts of it. Got any questions? Ask me on twitter.


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