#DELETEFACEBOOK: Does the movement affect your business?


You might have heard that Facebook has experienced another huge data breech. This time in relation to the last election. This has spawned the hashtag #DELETEFACEBOOK and users are demanding that companies delete their Facebook profiles. In fact, Elon Musk has deleted the pages for Tesla, SpaceX and his own. But what does all this have to do with your business? Does it matter? Should you worry? In a word –


Most people, have been crying the doom of Facebook and that this is the turning point. Abandon Ship! Abandon Ship!

Not even.

Remember why you are on social media and why big business is on social media. It is for two totally different purposes. Let’s be honest, when Elon deleted  those pages there were still millions of ways people can find out about his business from news coverage to the products he has in the world. His reach is huge without the need of Facebook. Your reach is that of a small business.

So don’t worry about how big business interact with social media as long as your clients are still there and active.

The caveat in this is if Facebook is your sole way to earn business. Diversify. Now.

If Facebook is your sole way to earn business. Diversify. Now.

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