Married at First Sight: Client Edition

I fell in love with a show called Married at First Sight. Basic premise is that people fill out a 6-hour questionnaire and experts with PhDs match them up to their ideal match and the first time they meet is at the altar. It’s a reality show. I don’t expect much from it.

What I think is most interesting about this show is the “possibility” of finding a forever love based on paper.

This is exactly what you are doing in your business. You are assuming things about your client based on paper. But have you interacted with them? Have you met them? Have you asked them questions and understood what they wanted?

You need to meet your client. When you are first starting your business you have an idea of who you like to work with but what does that actually look like in real life?

Seriously. I love social media, It’s my business. But too often I see business owners who think setting up a Facebook page will bring them clients. Social media is a compliment to the other marketing efforts you are doing. It is not a stand alone that works without you putting any effort in.

What’s really important is to understand the roles each of these occupy.

What face to face can give you:

There is no denying it. Seeing someone in person does a lot to communicate values and passion. Nothing comes close to it. Nothing.

Below are 3 ways to ensure you and your clients have a lasting and happy marriage.

See people’s reaction to your message.

We are always evolving and growing in our businesses. New markets, new offerings, and more. Seeing the reaction to these new offerings in person gives a lot of information to you, the business owner. It allows you to refine your message to hone in on your target market’s wants and needs.

Hear the problems of your target market

Yes, you can “hear” the problems of your target market on social media, and you should! However, you cannot hear the unsaid through the written word. When you get a chance to speak to your clients, you can see their hesitations, thought processes, and more in person. All of which you cannot see online.


People take more immediate actions when they have met you in person. They associate a name and a face with a feeling.

What social media can give you:

Access to the world.

That might seem a little dramatic however, it is. Social Media gives you the same access to people that formerly, only Coke or Dell enjoyed. Through understanding your target market and what they want to hear from you – you can make great strides. You can get your brand out there and drive people to buy.

Peer connections

It is easier to foster and grow peer connections through social media. Even though you run a business personal/business growth and education is still important. Without these two constants how could you improve your business? Creating or joining a community online allows you to continue your education when you don’t have the time to do it in person.

Clients you never thought possible

As people get to know you online – they begin to share you with others. It is in this sharing that you acquire clients you never even knew you could.

I think social media is a great medium to communicate your passion and brand to your clients. But it’s really important to go out there and find and connect in person first when you are starting out in business.

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