We Rock 2016 Resource List

Here’s a list of resources I talked about and some I didn’t talk about!

Graphic Creation


An easy graphic making service. You have the ability to create templates, upload your logo, and resize the graphics you have already created!


Another graphic  creation service that makes your life easy.



A great way to start researching information about your targeted demographic and how they think.


This is a great website to try out different names across social media at one time! You’ll be able to quickly see what names are available and what platforms they are available on.

Data Collection


A data dashboard that allows you to collect all of your social media data into one place so you can see the “Big Picture”



This software allows you to automate tasks such as social media or data collection. It is another way to leverage your time for free!


Fiverr is a great marketplace where you can pay someone as little as 5 dollars to have them create a graphic or set up an email list or even create a blog post. It is a great way to leverage your time!


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