How To Show Up On Social Media


So, I thought you would enjoy the videos.  I enjoyed making them. I recently showed up to a Creative Mornings and was going to do my normal thing just “show up”. I wasn’t going to talk to anyone, I wasn’t going to raise my hand, I was just going to soak in the amazing energy and get a new perspective. Well, this time, at the last second, I did something different – I raised my hand.

Me raising my hand at Creative Mornings (artist representation)








I volunteered to smash eggs on my forehead for an Apple TV. (Honestly, I had to Google what it was.) I played the game through 3 rounds and walked away a winner. Surprisingly it got me to thinking about social media. I saw it was a great example of how you can show up on social media or show up and take action on social media.


The Difference?

What’s the difference? As long as you show up on social media that is an action right? Yes, it is an action. It is not an action that will deliver results.  Just like me “showing up” at Creataive Mornings and not interacting and not raising my hand – I got a very solo experience. However, when I raised my hand, after ward I was speaking to people and starting conversations. I also met people that I already knew that I didn’t know was there.  My experience was connected and I reached more people.


Showing Up on Social Media

Showing up on Social Media looks like posting valuable content, sharing valuable content, and creating a meme or two. This is a great beginner’s place to be. You have consistency in your content and your online voice is consistent. If you are having trouble “Showing Up on Social Media” use these bullet points to get you consistent in your business.

  • Set a weekly time to schedule your content
  • Create an RSS feed lists to help you curate content
  • Look at your business goals and see what content will promote that



Showing Up and Taking Action on Social Media

Showing Up and Taking Action On Social Media is where you really put your social media in gear. You are interacting with people, having conversations, and building relationships. This is not the easy part of social media but this is the part where you make money on social media.  If you have trouble “Showing Up and Taking Action On Social Media” use these bullet points to get you engaging with your audience and creating a firestorm around your business.

  • Participate in a tweet chat
  • Check into trending topics on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Periscope to see if there are topics you can leverage for your audience.
  • Starting conversations (use questions, polls, and hashtags)


Remember if you don’t raise your hand you will never have the opportunity to win new clients, other’s won know you are there, and you’ll miss out on the fun that social media can be!

How are you showing up and taking action on social media?

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